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System Mechanic is an optimization utility that helps to improve the speed of your computer. SM comes equipped with a set of tools that fix the problems that slow down the PC. The program addresses the root cause of these problems to ensure that they do not come back and that the computer runs at its max speed.

There are over 50 different functions that System Mechanic performs when it is installed on the computer. These functions include diagnostic, repair, and optimization tools that clean out all the unwanted and unknown junk that can slow down a computer. Once SM is installed into a computer, it will fix registry errors which will free up a ton of memory space.

System Mechanics will also fix problems that may have been underlying or unnoticed. These fixes will bring the computer back to a factory-like state. Once the memory is freed up and the issues slowing the computer down are resolved, users will notice that there is a faster startup speed.

system mechanic screenshot

To fix the problems slowing down the computer, System Mechanic comes with a feature called Tune-Up Definitions. This feature allows the software to analyze the exact problems within the computer system and then eliminate them.

This feature is what allows SM to have specific solutions for every computer it is installed on. Many other cleaning software programs have one size fits all feature, but System Mechanic functions uniquely on every computer.

The Tune-Up Definitions feature is continuously updated so that the System Mechanic software is aware and on the alert for new viruses and threats. This will result in the computer system functioning at a faster speed and there will be fewer crashes or freezing.

The main function of the System Mechanic software is to clean and speed up the computer, but in the process of doing this, SM also provides an extra layer of privacy and protection on the computer. When the software clears up space on the computer, it deletes all the internet history and previously deleted data.

This prevents there from being any internet trail that could impact the status of one’s privacy. System Mechanic not only clears the user’s internet history, but it also cleans up history from internet browsers. When you log onto an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.), the browsers also leave data and history on your computer. SM permanently erases sensitive information so that it is not vulnerable to outside sources.

Along with privacy and overall faster computer speed, SM also helps to improve the internet speed. SM will modify the network settings so that they are optimized for fast internet use.

System Mechanic will do this automatically based on the Windows version of the computer, but users can go in and manually set their network settings for specific tasks like gaming. SM software allows users to have fast and private computer systems.

Iolo also offers System Mechanic Business, a version of the program that’s made for small and medium-sized businesses. It comes with network-friendly options, volume pricing, and features designed especially for companies to work with.

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System Requirements:

    • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 – 32/64 bit
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or late
    • Minimum 512 MB RAM (optimal 2 GB
    • 35 MB of available hard disk space
    • Internet connection (required for license activation
    • Windows “Administrator” User Account

NEW – the software also offers Ultimate edition – an All-In-One PC Performance, Security and Privacy Protection suite that consists of all iolo product line:

  • System Mechanic – Optimize your PC for peak performance by removing resource-draining bloatware and fixing frustrating errors, crashes, and freezes.
  • Privacy Guardian – Protect your computer from digital privacy invasion and identity theft.
  • System Shield – Prevent viruses and spyware from slowing you down.
  • DriveScrubber – Quickly and securely erase data from your hard drive employing methods originally developed for the US Department of Defense.
  • Search and Recover – Recover important files that were accidentally deleted.

It offers the following features:

  • Boost your computer’s speed.
  • Remove resource-draining bloatware.
  • Block damaging malware.
  • Recover accidentally erased files.
  • Keep your search history private.
  • Thwart “digital fingerprinting” that evades VPNs and cookie cleaners
  • Enhance identity theft protection.
  • Stop ad-trackers from following and targeting you.

What’s New in System Mechanic 16.5?

System Auto mechanic 16.5 focuses on completely leveraging Windows 7 through 10 systems. A particular version of System Auto mechanic for OR WINDOWS 7 and Vista, System Auto technician Classic, keeps all the legacy tools and selections that gain those older OS’s. If you’re running OR Windows 7 or Vista and you also attempt to set up System Auto technician 16.5 on your machine, you will acquire an installation mistake message.

Recent benchmark checks performed by iolo Labs show that using the Startup Optimizer tool in System Mechanic can significantly improve Computer shoe time performance.

About iolo technologies, LLC:

Iolo technologies, LLC is a privately held American software company headquartered in Los Angeles. iolo technologies were founded in 1998 by Noah T. Rowles. iolo creates software designed to repair, optimize, and protect Windows PCs.  In its 13 many years of doing this, it has started the field of PC tune-up software. Today more than 40 million users worldwide use their shareware products, and it holds 85% of the market in the US and 98% in Canada. Its main product is System Mechanic, a PC tune-up utility software that is covered here.