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Information of HitmanPro 2020

HitmanPro (formerly Hitman Pro) provides complete protection from malware threats to your system. It is a lightweight and portable Windows program that scans your system (usually within minutes) and notifies if your system has been infected with malware. Infected files are clean automatically to prevent the spread of malware.

The efficient antimalware engine of HitmanPro is designed to perform deep scans on your computer by using minimum system resources. Advanced behavior-based scanning of HitmanPro can even detect zero-day threats. It dives deep into your system to scan files and alert users about suspicious activity.

HitmanPro uses cloud technology to scan your system using malware databases from 4 leading labs- Emisoft, G Data, Dr. Web, and SophosLabs. This ensures 100% protection from keyloggers, trackers, spyware, rootkits, and other malware. You can view detailed reports of the scans to see what action has been taken to eliminate the identified threats.

hitman pro screenshot

HitmanPro goes a step ahead to examine all the activities on your system to locate zero-day threats. HitmanPro uses an advanced behavior analysis algorithm to scan your system for suspicious activity that could have been missed by existing antivirus on your system. When threats are detected, HitmanPro automatically eliminates them and also restores affected system resources to its original versions. With HitmanPro no malware threats can stay undetected on your system.

HitmanPro keeps a close watch on sensitive operating system files like boot records and drivers. Backups of some original system files are stored on the cloud. When system files are impacted they are automatically cleaned and original versions are restored to ensure the performance of your system is not impacted. This prevents the loss of data and damage to the system resources.

Repeated attempts of malware to modify system files are prevented by monitoring the boot records and critical system files. HitmanPro uses low system resources while working in the background without compromising on scanning capabilities.

Key Features:

* Advanced cloud-based malware database
* Enhanced and easy to use GUI
* Can run from a USB Drive
* Detailed reports of all scans
* Detects suspicious behavior like zero-day threats
* Minimal impact on system performance

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About Surfright:

SurfRight, the creators of HitmanPro, joined the Sophos family in 2015. They are trendsetters in online security, concentrating on growing new pertinent innovations to battle malware, spam, phishing, and different types of cybercrime with experience and items extending back more than 30 years. Today our items help secure the systems utilized by 100 million individuals in 150 nations and 100,000 organizations, including Pixar, Under Armor, Xerox, Avis, and Toshiba.