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Subscription Editions (discount applied only on year one):

Special Pricing for GlassWire

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App Information

GlassWire is a software that monitors threats and keeps your computer system secure with a firewall. The Glasswire software allows the user to see exactly what their computer is doing while they are on the internet. Glasswire displays all of the computer’s network activity on a graph so that the user can gain a better understand of the internet security threats they face and take back control of their internet activity. Glasswire was designed to detect and alert the user of threats, manage the system’s firewall, monitor other servers, and allow people to deepen their understanding of their computer’s network activity. This software tool provides people with an extra layer of security and gives them more privacy so they feel safe on their computers. Once installed Glasswire will also help increase the internet speed because the software gets rid of or blocks applications that are slowing down or overusing the bandwidth.

The main feature that makes Glasswire different from other security and privacy software systems is the detailed graphs that Glasswire creates for each computer that it is downloaded on. These graphs contain information about all of the network activity that has ever taken place on the computer. The graphs break down the network activity and show exactly what applications caused the incoming or outgoing bandwidth. The graph also shows the user which hosts the applications interact and communicate with. This graph is continuously updated by the Glasswire software and any time there is a new interaction with the computer’s network notification is automatically sent to the user.

Along with the detailed reports, Glasswire provides multiple network security checks. Glasswire can detect system file changes, device list changes, and app information changes. Along with detecting changes and possible security threats, Glasswire also detects if the computer network is communicating with an IP or domain that is known as a threat. Glasswire is a security system that is designed to provide extra safety measures against malware and viruses and should be used in conjunction with primary antivirus software.

glasswire screenshot

Glasswire is not a software system that will constantly send obnoxious alerts. Users will only be notified of important alerts and do not have to worry about pesky pop-ups bombarding their screens. Glasswire can also be put onto a do not disturb mode for 24 hours. Although it is not recommended, Glasswire does allow for the results to be turned off completely.

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Key Features:

    • Visual Network Monitoring
    • Webcam and Mic detection
    • Who’s on your WiFi or network?
    • New Skins
    • Longer Graph History
    • Multiple server monitoring
    • Built-in Free Firewall
    • Network Time Machine

Other features that Glasswire has are bandwidth monitoring, multiple remote server monitoring, RDP connection detection, wifi evil twin detection, enhanced internet privacy, and a lockdown mode setting. The bandwidth monitoring, internet privacy functions, and remote server modeling are all presented to the user in easy to understand the graphs. All of the graphs created by Glasswire for any of their functions are easy to understand and allows the user to interact with the graphs for specific details. The Glasswire software provides the user with a visual comprehensive analysis of the computer’s network activity and provides an extra layer of security and protection.